Do you get tired of the chaotic news cycle and outrage-inducing headlines? Then let’s take a (brief) moment to focus on one of the really encouraging things that have happened in the past year.

On November 9, 2016, a lot of people felt connected to their values in a profound way. They knew what they stood for and they decided to act on them. And for many, those values included supporting journalism—because a free, independent, and critical press is not “the enemy of the people.”

If you made that choice, you’re part of a growing movement to change the way media works in this country. And we’d love to hear from you. Because Mother Jones is more than a magazine or website—it’s a community. We listen and learn from you all the time, and I want to find ways for our readers to hear from each other, too.

Why do you think independent, investigative journalism matters? Why did you decide to support Mother Jones when you can read the news for free? What keeps you motivated for the long haul?

Hearing from you will help us make the case for more people to join the community of MoJo donors. We’d love to share them—anonymously, of course—to inspire other readers, and staff. By providing your email, you agree to let us contact you about your feedback. We respect your privacy and will not use your email address for any other purpose.