Arts and Letters (67 guests)

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“Persons whom the President or First Lady met through the individuals’ professional activities in the arts, literature, and American culture and their accompanying guests”

Merv Adelson
Thea Adelson
Donna Ballman
Dr. Mary Catherine Bateson
Kathleen Battle
Alan Bergman
Candice Bergen
Marilyn Bergman
Jessica Capshaw
Kate Capshaw
Chevy Chase
Jani Chase
Adele Chatfield-Taylor
Judy Collins
Ted Danson
Marjory Stoneman Douglas
Richard Dreyfuss
Patricia Duff
Barbara Fineman
Jane Fonda
John Gaubatz
Kathy Gaubatz
David Geffen
Jake Glaser
Paul Glaser
Gary Goldberg
Doris Kearns Goodwin
Richard Goodwin
John Guare
Lynda Guber
Peter Guber
Tom Hanks
Dr. Jean Houston
Dixie Jewison
Norman Jewison
Rick Kaplan
Priscilla Kaplan
Christine Lahti
Sherry Lansing
Esther P. Lederer
Chloe Malle
Mike Medavoy
Leslie Moonves
Nancy Moonves
James Naughton
Pam Naughton
Eileen Norton
Peter Norton
Sharyn Richardson
Charles Roven
Denise Roy
Becky Saletan
Thomas Schlamme
Wilson Schlamme
Lorraine Sheinberg
Sidney Sheinberg
Diane Simon
Neil Simon
Steven Spielberg
Dawn Steele
Barbra Streisand
Rose Styron
Elizabeth Tilberis
Ted Turner
Ben Wesley
Rita Wilson
Marianne Williamson

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