Friends and Supporters (111 guests)

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“Persons that the President or First Lady came to know during or after the 1992 Campaign and their accompanying guests”

Leonard Barrack
Lynne Barrack
Andrea Batchelor
Dick Batchelor
Erskine Bowles
Joan Brandt
William Brandt
Shirley Brown
Janet Burkle
John Burkle
Ronald Burkle
Rev. Anthony Campolo
Margaret Campolo
Bernie Cantor
Iris Cantor
John Catsimatides
Margo Catsimatides
Gertrude Cejas
Paul Cejas
Catherine Chapman
Max Chapman
John Connelly
Quincy Daniel
Sean Daniel
Joseph Dawson
Melba Dawson
Barbara Lee Diamondstein-Spielvogel
Beth Dozoretz
Ron Dozoretz
Daniel Dutko
Nancy Ellison
Debra Farar
Joel Farar
Sym Farar
Gary Fine
Alex Friedman
Richard Friedman
Frieda Furman
Roy Furman
John Garamendi
Patti Garamendi
Joe Geller
Charles Gervais
Felicia Gervais
Marie Gray
Dorothea Green
Steven Green
Fred Hochberg
Ruth Hunter
Rev. William Hybels
Lee Iaccoca
Ghada Irani
Dr. Ray Irani
Rita Jackson
Laurene Jobs
Steven Jobs
Janice Johnson
Roger Johnson
Deborah Jospin
Clayton Kaeiser
Selma Kaye
Walter Kaye
Cynthia Leesfield
Ira Leesfield
Kathleen Leonard
Tom Leonard
Alan Leventhal
Carol Leventhal
Carl Lindner
Leni May
Peter May
Norma Mills
Olan Mills
Paul Montrone
Sandra Montrone
Dr. Dean Ornish
Alan Patricof
Susan Patricof
Gene Prescott
Morris Pynoos
Rita Pynoos
William Rollnick
Bruce Ratner
Julie Ratner
Steven Rattner
Lewis Rudin
Rachel Rudin
Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg
Edwin Schlossberg
Dr. Robert Schuller
Carol Shields
Stanley Shuman
Sydney Shuman
Donna Siegel
Fred Siegel
Alan Solomont
Susan Solomont
Carl Spielvogel
Barbara Stack
Bud Stack
Maria Titleman
William Titleman
Angelo Tsakopoulos
Sofia Tsakopoulos
Lillian Vernon
Bill Wardlaw
Kim Wardlaw
Maureen White
Audrey Wirginis
Hugh Westbrook
Dirk Ziff

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