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Nov. 3, 2000

Bush’s Other Arrests — Michael Moore
OK, big deal, Bush made a mistake 24 years ago and got a DUI. One mistake, right? Uh, wrong. Turns out Bush has been arrested at least three times, including once for theft and once for disorderly conduct. In some states, that’s three strikes and worthy of a life sentence.

The Bush Detector — The American Prospect
While the right and the mainstream press continue to push the theory that Al Gore is at best and exaggerator and at worst a liar, some enterprising journalists finally dissected some of Bush’s favorite campaign claims. Guess what? A bunch of whoppers.

For example: Bush’s claim that he supported a bipartisan effort to pass a patients’ bill of rights in Texas? False. He opposed the legislation; it became law without his signature.

And thanks to The Smoking Gun for pointing out that Bush’s claim that he stopped drinking in 1986 is a documented falsehood.

A Gore loss won’t be Nader’s fault — Progressive Populist
If Al Gore loses to George W. Bush, democrats will be quick to lionize Ralph Nader, but Nader ois just their scapegoat. What the Democrats don’t want to admit is that Al Gore blew a gimme election, allowing a complete moron to out-campaign him.

Nov. 2, 2000

Did Gore try to bribe Nader to drop out? — Village Voice
A rumor circulated online yesterday that the Gore campaign had offered Ralph Nader $12 million — the amount of federal funds the Green Party would qualify for should Nader win 5 percent of the vote — to drop out of the presidential race. Both the Nader and Gore camps denied the rumor. But Gore’s minions are still working overtime to dig up dirt on the potential Green Spoiler.

Pharmaceutical industry’s big money campaign — Public Citizen
With all this tough talk on reforming prescription drug pricing, what the average citizen doesn’t see are Bush and Gore’s hands behind their backs. As each decries drug prices from the stump, one hand has its fingers crossed and the other is palm-up, accepting millions in campaign donations from the drug industry itself.

Manlier than thou — Foreign Policy in Focus
Machismo is a clear issue in this campaign, as it has been in politics since time immemorial. The issue of buffing out the military has Bush ahead with the manliness crowd. This academic paper explains why male insecurity is a prime determiner of foreign policy.


It's been a tough several weeks for those who care about the truth: Congress, the FBI, and the judiciary are seemingly more concerned with providing cover for a foregone conclusion than with uncovering facts.

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