Tucker Carlson Defends One of America’s 10 Most Wanted

Yesterday Tucker Carlson got into a tiff with Utah’s Attorney General Mark Shurtleff over the justification for putting Warren Jeffs on the FBI’s 10 most wanted list. That the polygamist has been charged with first-degree felony rape and has victimized countless women and children doesn’t stop Tucker from defending him.

“A lot of these things are not illegal…to teach animals to kill animals with your bare hands,” for example. He goes on to argue that Jeffs is accused of doing things that are merely “titilating,” adding: “There are 10 spaces on the list, but is this guy one of the 10 most threatening people to America?” Shurtloff points out that he doesn’t have to be a threat to America but a threat to society and to individuals, thousands of them in this case.

Tucker counters: “He’s more threatening than, say, the Islamic radicals huddling in a basement right now figuring ways to blow up airliners? Or people who are working to overthrow the government?” Shurtloff tells him that Osama is on the list, as are child abusers, rapists and the like.

If only Tucker had bothered to vist the FBI’s site he would have seen, too, that there’s a separate list of Most Wanted Terrorists. This list features not 10, but 26 mug shots, making Carlson’s “either/or” argument all the more absurd.