The View from Beirut — and Tehran; The Day After Tomorrow — and the Morning After

As many of you already know Mother Jones is more than a magazine, more than a web site, more than a beacon of hope in these dark, dark times; it’s also a radio show! And here’s the proof: yesterday’s edition of Mother Jones Radio featured:

  • Dahr Jamail, in Beirut, on the latest political developments in the current Middle East conflict, and what things look like on the ground.
  • Laura Rozen on the question whether Bush administration looking for good (or, hell, faulty — what’s the difference!?) intelligence on Iran in support of an invasion. (Rozen’s recent article in Mother Jones exposed how several U.S. officials sought bad intelligence from a known liar of Iran-Contra infamy.)
  • Ross Gelbspan on the agreement between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Britain’s Tony Blair last week to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, sidestepping the U.S. federal government.
  • And Mother JonesAnn Friedman on the FDA’s apparent (and the key word here is apparent) about-turn on Plan B emergency contraception. Is the agency really about to approve the pill, or will politics trump science once again?

Listen to the show, a purely (and proudly) fact-based initiative, here.