Dueling Infidelities–the Latest Republican Plan

According to a short piece in The Raw Story, those in Washington who think Newt Gingrich would make a good presidential candidate believe that his marital infidelity is a “nothing burger,” especially in light of a possible opposition from Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, who “whose hubby had her own problems she’d rather forget.”

So Gingrich, who informed his wife he was leaving her while she was in the hospital recovering from cancer, gets a free pass from the “values” party because bringing up his sins would embarrass Clinton, whose husband is remembered for his marital infidelity. Unfortunately, considering how the so-called news media works in this country, that is probably a fair assessment of the situation. Back in June, Margaret Carlson, speaking on the panel of the now-defunct “Capital Gang,” said of a Clinton candidacy: “People will think if she can’t keep the dog in the house, how can she keep the terrorists at bay?”