Texas to DC: Don’t Fence Me In

You know things are getting interesting when Mike Vickers, rancher, ex-Minuteman, and poster boy for the South-Texas-has-had-it-with-immigration line says Congress’ fence not only won’t help, but will actually make life worse in his neck of the woods. All along the Rio Grande, it turns out, people who otherwise couldn’t be more hard-line about the border are appalled that Congress actually approved what for a while seemed like just one more election-year fantasy. Read the rest in a fine piece by the LA Times’ Miguel Bustillo; for an early report on the current round of border posturing, pull up Michael Scherer’s “Scrimmage on the Border.” And once you’re ready for the full-on, no-excuses tour de force on what is going on along La Linea and why no amount of liberal or conservative posturing will fix it, go see Charles Bowden’s three-decades-in-the-making “Exodus” in Mother Jones’ September/October issue.