Fighting Dems Update

Mother Jones has been covering the “fighting dems” story for quite some time. Here’s an update on how some of them have done:

In PA-07, Fighting Dem Joe Sestak defeated powerful House member Curt Weldon, 57%-43%.

In PA-10, Fighting Dem Chris Carney defeated alleged choker Don Sherwood, 53%-47%.

In MN-01, Fighting Dem Tim Walz defeated Republican Gil Gutknecht, 52%-48%.

In NY-29, Fighting Dem Eric Massa lost to Republican Randy Kuhl, 51%-49%.

In PA-08, Fighting Dem Tim Murphy is locked up against Mike Fitzpatrick, 50%-50%. CNN has not called the race, as of 11:00 pm PST.

In IL-06, Fighting Dem Tammy Duckworth lost to Peter Roskam, 52%-48%.