Neato Viddys on the Intertubes

There’ll be no Viacom product on the YouTube these days, for sure, but that doesn’t make no nevermind. We can still, er, dance if we want to. Or at least stave off the Monday blahs with some music videos. Here’s five I like:

Tracey Thorn – “It’s All True” (via ArjanWrites)
In which the former Everything But the Girl vocalist delivers a lovely melancholy retro-dance number in a room full of choreographed office workers

Travis – “Closer” (via Stereogum)
In which the nice-enough Brit songsters go to work at a grocery store, and apparently Ben Stiller is their boss

Gus Gus – “Moss” (via ClipTip)
In which animated Icelanders (uh, Icelandians?) pass along a lovely rose of happiness to everyone they meet

TV On the Radio (featuring David Bowie) – “Province” (via
In which a female soldier lip-synchs, and some obtusely symbolic stuff happens, and it’s actually weirdly affecting and (I assume) anti-war somehow, even though I’m not exactly sure what it all means

Bonus: TimbalandShock Value Preview (via Pitchfork)
In which the mad genius hip-hop producer plays us some beats from his upcoming album