Dress Like a Dictator

It gives new meaning to the term “power suit.” The son of former Chilean dictator General Augusto Pinochet has announced that he will be selling his late father’s suits. A tailor’s shop in central Santiago will handle the sales of several vintage suits worn by the leader of Chile’s military junta from the 1980s until his death last year at the age of 91. They will retail for about $2,000 each. For those of you thinking the suits might useful for, say, reviewing a parade of tanks and missiles on your town’s Main Street, think again. The dicator’s son, Augusto Pinochet Hiriart, says the suits are meant for everyday use. As he told a reporter from Chile’s La Tercera newspaper, “They are the best, modern suits that [my father] used at home or to go out for special activities, though not for special ceremonies.”