Exhibit Sources: Forever Young

11% of the world’s population is over 60: United Nations Population Division.

2/3 of all human beings who have ever lived past 65 are still alive: AARP.

63% of senior center directors want to take “senior” out of their programs’ names: AARP.

AARP dropped “retired” from its name: AARP.

The number of workers over 55 will grow 5 times faster than the workforce at large: AARP.

In 1985, 18% of all Americans in their late 60s still had jobs versus 29% in 2006: AARP.

Half of working Americans have saved 50,000 or less for their retirement: AARP.

Single elderly women are most likely to require nursing-home care: Georgetown University Long-Term Care Financing Project.

Positive attitude more impact on lifespan than smoking etc.: Yale University.

People who have a positive attitude live longer: Yale University.

By 2030 Americans will spend $700 billion on nursing homes: University of Houston.

1/3 of retirees say that people should “do everything possible” to prevent the effects of aging: AXA Retirement Scope 2007.

Retin-A tested on prisoners: Acres of Skin by Allen Hornblum.

GlaxoSmithKline and the fountain of youth: GlaxoSmithKline.

American spending on Anti-Aging Products: Global Industry Analysts, Inc..

“Anti-aging practitioners” bring in the revenue: American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Anti-Aging Clinic and Medical Spa Accreditation FAQ.

Botox treatments increase: American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

4,500 women had “vaginal rejuvenation” surgery in 2007: American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

1/5 believe plastic surgery could enhance their sex appeal: AXA Retirement Scope 2007.

HIV/AIDS diagnoses in those 50 and older: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Dave Cummings bills himself as the “world’s oldest porn star”: New York Times, Sharon Waxman, “The Graying of Naughty.”

Stallone and HGH: Time magazine.

Suzanne Somers: World Health.

When old age begins: AXA Equitable Retirment Scope (US).

John & Cindy McCain’s ages when they met: Time magazine, “Cindy McCain Appears on The Tonight Show“; The New York Times, “P.O.W. to Power Broker, A Chapter Most Telling“; The Arizona Republic, “John McCain Report, Chapter V: Arizona, The Early Years“; McCain’s birthday, Washington Post, “The Presidential Field: John McCain.”

Larry King Live until 2017: New York Times, “Who’s Talking About Retirement?

Cartoon Network v. CNN among adults: Anne Elliot, VP Communications, The Nielsen Company.

The adult video gamer: “I Don’t Want to Grow Up!,” The New York Times; Top Ten Industry Facts, Entertainment Software Association.

Energy drinks for kids: Product Overview, AdvoCare; Product Facts and Ingredients, AdvoCare; “A Sports Drink for Children Is Jangling Some Nerves,” The New York Times.

Spa Di Da kids’ salon offerings: Spa Di Da Kids (US).

Pre-tween beauty-salon patrons: “Trend: Pretty Babies,” Philadelphia magazine.

Diaper Fetishists’ B&B: The AB/DL Bed and Breakfast and Adult Babysitting Service.

Rockabye Baby!: Lullaby renditions of Rolling Stones’ songs.

NFL asks for age limit at Rolling Stones Super Bowl gig: “Stones Exceed Bowl Gig Age Limit,” BBC.

The youngest Stone would’ve been a decade too old: Ron Wood biography, IMDB.

Deep purple hearing aids: Oticon; Deafness and Hearing Aids.

Summer of Love: 1967.

Elderly drug use: “2005 National Survey on Drug Use and Health,” Department of Health and Human Services.

Dutch retirement homes for addicts: “Netherlands Caters to Retirement Needs of Senior Addicts,” The San Francisco Chronicle.

Restricting calories increases life span: Calorie Restriction Society.

Darfur’s average calorie intake and life expectancy: World Food Programme; UNICEF Sudan Statistics.

Many MySpace users are between 35 and 54: “Measuring the Digital World,” ComScore.

MySpace’s cofounder lied about his age: “Is Age Just a Number?,” Newsweek.

Peter A. Thiel pledges millions to fight aging: Methuselah Foundation.

Alcor’s cryogenics: Alcor; Membership Statistics, Alcor.

Alcor gives you a small box for all your future needs: Alcor FAQs.

Lifetime distribution of healthcare costs: National Institutes of Health.

Notre Dame’s eternal dorms: Cedar Grove Cemetery’s Coming Home program.

Resting in Peace with Hello Kitty: Hello Kitty Tombstone.


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