Paso Doble and DeLay

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Ever fantasized about Tom DeLay doing the foxtrot? Then you’re in luck: Today, it was announced that the former House Majority Leader will grace the stage during the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars.

So does DeLay have a shot at beating out fellow contestants like Macy Gray and Donny Osmond? Word is he fancies boogying with his wife, and has a daughter who won the country dancing championship. But a better indicator might be his political track record:


–He ain’t called The Hammer for nothing. While Majory Whip, DeLay got his nickname for ruthelessly tearing down his political opponents. Melissa Joan Hart and Kelly Osbourne, watch your backs!

–Despite mounting evidence, DeLay successfully avoided charges of perjury during a civil lawsuit, and was named but not charged for connections in the Abramoff scandal. That kind of fancy footwork could prove useful during the two-step…


–…Then again, his footwork wasn’t so smooth when he tried to get out of charges that he violated campaign finance rules. He was indicted of the crime and had to resign from his post as Majority Leader.

–Vocal opponent of the National Endowment for the Arts. Hey, wait…doesn’t that endowment support dance?