Beck Watch: FOX in Denial?

A spokesperson for FOX News told TVNewser that claims by ColorofChange that the advertising revenue for Glenn Beck’s program has halved since the ad boycott began last month are “wildly inaccurate on all fronts—revenue has not been affected in any way.” I find that surprising, considering that the program once hosted blockbuster advertisers like AT&T, Capital One, and Mercedes-Benz, and is now limited to the rather anemic list shown below. But hey, the first step to recovery is denial, right?

Here’s who advertised on Glenn Beck’s program today:

Rosland Capital


News Corp. (The Wall Street Journal)

The Foundation for a Better Life

Clarity Media Group (The Weekly Standard)

Lear Capital

Conservatives for Patients’ Rights

Citrix (GoToMeeting)

Allstate Insurance Co.

Publisher’s Clearing House


Freije Treatment Systems (EasyWater Systems)

Consumer Debt Relief

Merit Financial

Imperial Structured Settlements

National Review