Eco-News Roundup: Friday November 20

Cost Effect: The healthcare bill may be expensive, but it may rein in long-term costs.

Going Swiss: The Swiss model of healthcare might be one for the US to follow.

Man-Made: There’ll be a ripple effect as the US Army Corps is found liable for broken New Orleans levees. [Los Angeles Times]

Out Sick: US Chamber of Commerce wants to stop federally paid H1N1 sick days.

Big Talk: US and China talk climate, with some actual progress.

Hot Rocks: Kidney stones and malaria are just a few of global warming’s risks. [Bloomberg]

Climate Sell-Out: Oliver North is using the “cap and trade boondoggle” as a fundraiser.

Not a KO: Sen. Boxer throws a party for climate legislation that’s not done yet.

Rx in CT: Pfizer throws its weight around its Connecticut home, and in Congress.