MoJo Keeps it Real With Michael Steele

Gosh darn you, Taj Mahal.

And you too, Joan Walsh.

For the longest time (and I mean weeks and weeks), the women of Mother Jones held the top spot at We had a good run of it. I’m sure if you look at this photo, you can see why. From left, Michael Steele, Assistant Editor Jen Phillips, Editorial Fellow Sonja Sharp, and me.

Are we not beauteous?Are we not beauteous?















However. Our popularity has recently been bested: first by’s Joan Walsh, and now by one of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal. The site,, cropped up after Odell Photos made public an online album of RNC Chairman Michael Steele posing for a series of inexplicably goofy photos with interns. (As soon as word spread and traffic picked up, Odell made the album password protected.) And speaking of interns, making his own appearance in the most popular photos list is former TPM intern and current MoJo Editorial Fellow Ben Buchwalter at fourth place. (Don’t mind the tin foil-wrapped books, it was his birthday.)

It has been a difficult week, and it’s finally Friday. Lighten up for a second and keep it real with Michael Steele. I also encourage you to leave links to your pictures for us in the comments, but please do not to be so popular that you bump us down any further. Cheers.

It appears that due to our readers’ (completely involuntary) support, we are now back to second most real with Michael Steele. Thank you, and sorry Joan Walsh.