Eco-News Roundup: Friday June 11

News on the environment, oil spills, health, BP, wildlife, and more Blue Marblish news from our other blogs.

Bad Brand: BP’s brand value is sinking like a drop of water in oil.

Oil Into Oilade: The corn ethanol industry may spin the oil spill for a bailout.

Vote of Confidence: Murkowski’s bill to ban the EPA from regulating gases loses.

Death of Climate: Lindsay Graham’s lack of support may kill a real climate bill.

Energy to Spare: A new report shows just how much the world subsidizes energy production.

Gulf Disaster 2.0: A political poll on how we see Deepwater vs. Katrina.

Race to the Top: Whites have a few more decades before they’re outnumbered by minorities in the US.

Regular Coverage: The Tea Party has taken a backseat to Deepwater Horizon coverage.

Map Love: See this map on who actually owns the Gulf of Mexico.

BP’s Master Spin: Despite BP’s lies, the government is taking their cleanup report at face value.

Toxic Soup: Listing of ingredients in BP’s spill dispersants.

DIY DNA: At-home DNA tests are unreliable, and potentially scarring (emotionally, that is).

No Fun: Surveys show that teenagers are enjoying sex less during the recession.

Immediate Help: Obama’s giving seniors help now until the 2012 reform kicks in.

Price to Pay: The BP oil spill may derail recession recovery efforts.

Suicide Spike: Baby Boomers are experiencing an uptick in suicide rates.

Trial and Error: In trying to evade “torture,” GITMO staff may have experimented on detainees.