My New Incorporated, Offshore Uterus

<a href="">JimmyReu</a> / Flickr

Today someone tweeted (I can’t remember who, sorry) this new site which encourages women to incorporate their uteruses in order to keep Republican state lawmakers out of them. “Conservatives get elected by promising smaller government and less business regulation,” the site says, “but as soon as they get elected, they rush to put big government regulations on the personal freedom and privacy of your body.” Maybe, the site suggests, just maybe if you incorporate your uterus, “then your uterus can get the same treatment corporations get—fewer rules, fewer government searches and more personal freedoms.”

I’m on board. I would love to have my uterus get more freedoms (and government subsidies) by operating as a business. If I base it offshore, like at the Ugland House in Grand Cayman, I can avoid paying taxes too. What a deal. Goodbye “uterus”, hello “Phillips Fund LLC”!