Take a 9/11 Break . . . With Puppies!

It’s been a rough slog of a decade since 9/11. Hard to look back at that day and all the icky, gloomy things that followed without feeling really, really tired. May we recommend a puppy break? The somber eulogies and ponderous reflections will still be going when you get back, we promise.

basykes/FlickrThere, now, doesn’t that feel better? basykes/Flickr

shopping diva/FlickrSee the fluff. Be the fluff. shopping diva/Flickr

nateOne/FlickrNot on his watch. nateOne/Flickr

sebastian-silva/FlickrYup, that’s a twofer. Nah, we won’t charge extra. Sebastian-Dario/Flickr

capn madd matt/FlickrCrisp and refreshing. capn madd matt/Flickr

sausyn/FlickrThematically incorrect, but permitted due to hypercuteness. sausyn/Flickr

Ready to read on? We recommend David Corn on what 9/11 didn’t change, a proposal to cancel today’s ceremonies, and a deep data dive into how the FBI is fighting—or creating—terror cases since the attacks.