News Flash: Even Christians Hate Christian TV

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Pastor David Wright is the CEO of, an online Christian reality TV network. He’s been using Facebook to do some research on his audience, and this week sent out a press release revealing his findings. No one who’s ever watched Christian TV will be especially shocked, but Wright declared himself “flabbergasted” to learn that even the vast majority of Christians who responded to his network’s Facebook fan page hate Christian TV. “I kind of expected there would be those Christians who thought Christian TV was too boring or not relevant for the times, but I never would have imagined the disdain thousands of Christians have for Christian TV,” Wright said in his release.

Fortunately, Wright was able to get to the source of the frustration. He says that the vast majority of Christians think that Christian TV is boring and that it features “Too much begging for money and fundraising telethons.” Another problem he identified is that Christians think Christian TV is full of ethically challenged “false prosperity teachers” manipulating people to give money. “Unfortunately, the greed for money has replaced the need for ministry among many of our ministers and Christian TV Networks. People are feed [sic] up with the lust for material things,” said Wright, noting that the overabundance of greedy religious figures on Christian TV was a big turn off for viewers. “We can’t have pastors indulging in sin and expect people not to be turned off.” Wright promises to take the information to heart: he’s declared a moratorium on telethons, so the devout can safely tune in to “Kingdom Building Today” or the oxymoronic “Christian Comedy Television” on his network without hearing that God thinks they should write the network a big check. Praise the lord!