We Have Some Good News For You About the Koala That Was Burned in the Fire

Jeremy the koala in rehab after burning his paws. He was released back to the wild today.<a href="https://www.facebook.com/106408776102025/photos/a.106418979434338.9986.106408776102025/766019116807651/">AMWRRO</a>/Facebook

After a series of devastating bushfires ripped through Australia earlier this month, volunteers across the world quickly came to the rescue with custom-knitted mittens for the burned paws of koalas (way too many volunteers, it turns out). The poster koala that sparked the movement was Jeremy, whose heart-rending hospital room portrait quickly went viral.

Good news! Jeremy is fully recovered and back in the wild. From the BBC:

He has since made a complete recovery, says Aaron Machado, who operates the clinic that treated the animal… “The only thing he has to do now is get used to not having any more room service,” Mr Machado told the BBC.

Here’s to koalas everywhere!