Mike Huckabee Says President Obama Is “Marching the Israelis to the Door of the Oven”

You never go full Holocaust!

Earlier this month, Gov. Mike Huckabee tried to get a little juice for his presidential campaign by releasing a remake of LBJ’s “Daisy” ad, in which a small child is blown up by a nuclear weapon. When that failed, he nuked two characters from Disney’s The Lion King. And on Sunday, when that didn’t deliver Huckabee the media firestorm on the Iran nuclear deal he was looking for, he played his trump card.

And okay, now you have our attention, Gov. Huckabee:


At least one person rejects the idea that President Barack Obama is launching a second Holocaust—President Barack Obama. Responding to the former Arkansas governor’s comments while on a state visit to Ethiopia, Obama said Huckabee’s comment “would be considered ridiculous if it wasn’t so sad.” Huckabee is among a handful of GOP candidates who appaear to have been hurt by the rise of Donald Trump. We’ll see if the most recent stunt will help him make up some ground.