The City of Dallas Is Coming Together to Mourn Last Night’s Tragedy

These photos are heartbreaking and heartwarming.

Noelle Hendrix places flowers near the scene of a shooting in downtown Dallas.LM Otero/AP

The shooting attack that killed five police officers and injured seven others in Dallas after a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest Thursday night sparked a torrent of angry recriminations from politicians and pundits on television and social media. But the tragedy also led to an outpouring of support for the Dallas Police Department, the officers who were killed, and their families.

Many protesters were quick to remind the public that the demonstration had been peaceful leading up to the attack, and that police officers and bystanders rushed to protect people throughout the chaos. People began bringing flowers to the Dallas police department the same night of the attack, and on Friday some came out in support for the slain officers, placing bouquets on top of two squad cars that had been set up as a memorial.

Here is a snapshot of how people responded to last night’s shooting:

On Friday morning, President Barack Obama condemned the attack as a “vicious, calculated, and despicable attack on law enforcement.”

“We are horrified over these events, and we stand united with the people and police department in Dallas,” he said.