GOP Congressman: “Diversity Is Not Our Strength”

In a tweet, Steve King also quoted the Hungarian prime minister’s remarks condemning “mixing cultures.”

Steve King speaks at a rally for Donald Trump and Mike Pence in November 2016.Mark Reinstein/ZUMA

A Republican congressman drew widespread condemnation across social media on Friday for a tweet that appeared to denounce diversity and inclusion. Citing comments Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban made on Hungarian television Thursday night, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) seemed to affirm Orban’s anti-diversity position. He wrote, “Diversity is not our strength” and quoted Orban:

Orban made his comments in the wake of a European Parliament hearing that discussed illegal immigration and a quota that attempts to fairly distribute migrants and refugees across European Union member countries. Orban’s government has long rejected the program, filing a court challenge to it in 2015.

King maintains a tough stance on immigration issues. According to his congressional website, he has introduced legislation that would eliminate birthright citizenship for children of two undocumented immigrants and supports the construction of a border wall between the United States and Mexico.