No, Health Care Premiums Are Not Soaring and Full-Time Jobs Are Not Disappearing

John Boehner today, explaining the GOP’s strategy on Obamacare:

[We’re] looking at all options to reach our ultimate goal of repealing this law that is causing premiums to soar and full-time jobs to disappear.

Now let’s leave fantasyland and see what’s happening in the real world. Here is the Kaiser Family Foundation’s latest data on premiums:

Health-insurance premiums to cover working Americans rose 4 percent this year, less than the previous two years in another sign that the cost of employee benefits for U.S. companies may be slowing.

And here’s how full-time employment has fared in the three years since Obamacare was passed:

More here on the supposed implosion of full-time jobs thanks to Obamacare. As with the soaring premiums, it just hasn’t happened. You probably won’t hear about this on Fox News, though.