This Post Is Not About Donald Trump

In response to my final post of last night, I got this in comments:

GreenAnura: Two days straight, nothing but Donald Trump posts. Will we go a third day?

SpecialNewb: Maybe we’ll get a post on how the media is covering Trump too much.

Oof. A touch, I do confess. But Quiddity comes to my rescue:

Since 21 January (arbitrary start date), over 40 days, Kevin has made 48 posts critical of Trump out of a total of 228. That’s 1 per 4.75.

Data! Now we’re talking. And 21 percent isn’t so bad, is it? Especially when all these posts have been monolithically critical of DJT.

Still, this hits me at a sore spot. Yesterday I didn’t post much. That wasn’t because I was snoozing the day away or playing hooky at the movies. It’s because I wrote three straight Trump posts and couldn’t stand the thought of writing another. Unfortunately, with everyone finally coming to the conclusion that Trump is actually going to win the Republican race, the political news is nonstop Trump. I couldn’t really find anything else to write about, so I gave up. I finally wrote another post in the evening, but it was about….Donald Trump.

Then this morning I started out with yet another post about Trump. Finally, just before lunch, I wrote a post about Apple and the FBI. My streak was broken! Hooray! But today is Super Tuesday, so it’s not likely to last. Aside from some Bernie/Hillary news, today is going to be all about Trump.

I genuinely feel conflicted about this. I really hate being consumed by Trump. But these days, is there any bigger news in American politics? What to do?

And is this yet another post about Trump? Or should it be filed under “navel gazing”? I’ll let Quiddity decide.