The Dead Pool – 9 May 2017 – Special James Comey Edition

FBI Director James Comey has been fired. Why? The White House hasn’t said, but it seems to be linked to Comey’s bungled testimony to Congress regarding the number of emails Huma Abedin forwarded to her husband, and more generally to Comey’s handling of the Clinton email investigation during the 2016 campaign. This is what got President Trump elected, so there’s zero chance he actually cares about it. But I suppose it’s as good an excuse as any.

So what’s the real reason? Well…the FBI is investigating the ties between Russia and Trump’s campaign. If I were president while that was going on, I probably wouldn’t want someone running the agency who was eager to prove that he could get tough on my party too. Much better to have a friendly face running things. I imagine that Trump feels the same way.