Trump Issues Travel Ban 3.0, Which Is Totally Not Aimed At Muslims

President Trump has issued a new travel ban that bars travel completely, not just for 90 days. So why will this one pass court muster when the old one didn’t?

Officials said his new action was the result of a deliberative, rigorous examination of security risks that was designed to avoid the chaotic rollout of his first ban. And the addition of non-Muslim countries could address the legal attacks on earlier travel restrictions as discrimination based on religion.

Now we’re talking! Trump has taken my advice and added a couple of non-majority-Muslim countries (North Korea and Venezuela) so that nobody can say this is just anti-Muslim bigotry. I especially think the addition of North Korea is a nice touch. Do we get any non-diplomatic visitors at all from North Korea?

I assume this is going to court more or less instantaneously. We’ll soon see what happens to Travel Ban 3.0.