Friday Cat Blogging – 25 May 2018

Last week I showed you our freshly painted patio cover—except that the patio cover was cropped out of the shot and all you could see was Hilbert. This week, both cats star in a patio cover Before-and-After. First, here’s Hopper in a rare file photo taken before it was painted:

Yuck! Not Hopper of course, who’s as beautiful as ever. But the patio cover has been torn to shreds. What happened was that the association sent over painters to paint the house, and they used a power washer to prep the wood. Unfortunately, they weren’t too careful about where they aimed it, and the patio cover got pretty badly beaten up. So we called the painters and out they came:

So fresh and lovely! And Hilbert is breaking it in with a little rolling around, which he usually does out in the garden where he can get himself suitably filthy. He was probably hoping the paint was still wet on the wood, but we were too smart for him.