North Korea Continues to Not Denuclearize

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un inspects a catfish farm in Samchon, South Hwanghae Province. As you can see, he is delighted with the results of his brilliant leadership in the field of domestic fish husbandry.Yonhap News/Newscom via ZUMA

Here is the US peace proposal for North Korea:

  • Hand over all your nukes.
  • Hand over all your missiles.
  • Hand over all your fissile materials.
  • Destroy all your centrifuges, test reactors, testing pads, etc.
  • Allow UN and American inspectors free rein to inspect every square inch of your country.
  • We will then agree to begin negotiations about what North Korea gets in return.

Apparently North Korea has rejected this generous offer. I cannot imagine why. It’s probably because of Chinese interference, which means we must now place a 100 percent tariff on all iPhones. If that doesn’t work, we shall place tariffs on cordless drills, Christmas lights, and vacuum cleaners.