Angry Uncle Review: Mad Politics

Forget about arguing with your angry uncle this Thanksgiving. Your best best is to become your angry uncle. Donald Trump recommends this book as a primer:

Step 1: Read this book. Step 2: Absorb its lessons. Step 3: Buttonhole your angry uncle as soon as he walks in the door and start talking. He’ll be excited to learn that you’ve finally seen through the fake media and now understand things. Much conversation will ensue and he’ll leave everyone else alone. Step 4: At the end of the evening, drink. A lot. Step 5: Wake up the next morning with a killer hangover but no memory of what happened.

Just think of the service you’ve done for your family! That said, the sheer difficulty and post-Thanksgiving pain this causes makes it suitable only for the hardiest and most dedicated Thanksgiving warriors. For those people—and only those people—I give it four uncles.