Mother Jones Magazine Cover : January + February 2019

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  • Alabama Miracle

    How the reddest of red states built a preschool program second to none

  • The War on the War on Poverty

    President Trump plans to make the poor work for Medicaid and food stamps. That’s great news to companies like Maximus.

  • The Fight for Moira

    Kids with complex medical problems were supposed to get the care they need at home—until states began to take away their services.

  • Frozen Assets

    Alaska’s universal basic income program is beloved and effective. So why is its future at risk?

  • In the Name of the Father

    Inside Scott Lloyd’s crusade to keep child migrants pregnant and locked up

  • Why Does the Press Keep Helping Trump?

    It’s time to stop enabling.

  • Hammer Time

    National enquirers

  • Kind of Blue

    The Beto bump has Texas Democrats feeling…hopeful?

  • Unlock the Vote

    Voting rights are on a roll.

  • Hazed and Confused

    Why frats won’t die

  • 2Pac 4Ever

    Archiving hip-hop history, one sneaker at a time

  • We’re Not Supposed to Talk About It

    “We have been victims, but we have also been complicit.”

  • The Problem With Sexy Science

    Sexy science is failing us.

  • Where’s the Beef?

    Cattlemen and vegans face off.