Which Congressional Staffer’s License Plate Is This? (Photos)

Mother Jones

Just received in the office from a congressional staffer we know:

So this Lincoln Navigator belongs to someone who works in the House of Representatives (it’s parked in the Longworth Building). Even in a place like Texas with ZERO rules, I figure there have to be some kind of guidelines about what you can get on your license plate. Something tells me you shouldn’t be able to get “WHAT THE FUCK, OBAMA?”

Well, we here are big fans of that First Amendment thing, but state motor-vehicle departments do tend to put “decency” limits on how far you can pimp your plate. We’ll be askin’ the Texas DMV about that very thing momentarily. (We’ve been through this before…or, actually, an out-and-out case of license-plate racism, with this Virginia state worker’s Ford F-150.)

As for the congressional driver’s identity, we’ll leave that sort of sleuthing up to the cloud for now. Though, judging from the decal under the brake light (see full pic below), they’re a Texas Tech alum. Or fan. Or, maybe it’s Bobby Knight.

In any case, you’d like to think that a Hill staffer (or member of Congress?) can at least appear politically even-handed in the parking lot. Besides, if you can afford a Lincoln SUV to get you to your government job in the District of Columbia, what exactly are you so pissed at the prez about, anyway?

Photo: Mother Jones