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Too Fast to Fail
Too Fast to Fail
Are high-speed traders hurtling us all toward the next financial meltdown?
Keeping Choice Alive
Keeping Choice Alive
Mississippi is down to one abortion clinic. Meet the people fighting to keep it open.
Elephants Never Regret
Elephants Never Regret
The GOP spent 2012 in a bubble. No sign they are coming out anytime soon.
Barackalypse Now
Barackalypse Now
Obama’s second term is very bad news for survivalists. It’s also very good news for the industry catering to their worst fears.
Our First Gay Muslim Kenyan Communist Lizard President
Our First Gay Muslim Kenyan Communist Lizard President
Every Obama conspiracy in one handy chart

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Can Obama slow the rise of the oceans?; Carpooling without seats; Mail call! Charles and David Koch report on their election ROIPsychiatry’s gender trap; The price of an aging prison population

Mixed Media

Brian Eno makes art that makes itself.; @parody; Robin Sloan: digerati to literati; “Our sassy black friend,” Jamaica Kincaid; Book, film, and music reviews

Food + Health

Cover: Illustration by Giacomo Marchesi


James Ridgeway (“Three Strikes, You’re Old“) reported on aging prisoners with support from the Gerontological Society of America.

1 Mac McClelland (“Hearts and Minds“) is writing a book on PTSD; 2 Brady Fontenot has shot for Esquire and Monocle.

Kevin Drum became interested in lead science (“Criminal Element“) while reading how an eccentric geochemist measured Earth’s age using meteoric isotopes; illustrator 3 Gérard DuBois grew up surrounded by lead—his stepfather was a typesetter.

4 Nick Baumann (“Too Fast to Fail“) has $82 million riding on the emphatically low-stakes Hollywood Stock Exchange trading game; digital illustrator Giacomo Marchesi grew up in Los Alamos and fancies himself the “sixth- or seventh-best illustrator of whimsical robots in the northeastern US.”

5 Kate Sheppard (“Keeping Choice Alive“) interviewed two ob-gyns about Mississippi’s last abortion clinic while eating catfish and guzzling sweet tea at Cracker Barrel; 6 Matt Eich took photos of protesters while listening to the Kanye West-blasting boom box the clinic had set up to drown out their hymns.

Andrew Marantz encountered artificial life on his way to meet music legend and computer-aided artist Brian Eno (“Finding Eno“)—a cabby’s sultry-voiced navigation system.

Mac McClelland
Brady Fontenot Gérard DuBois
Nick Baumann
Kate Sheppard Matt Eich