Mother Jones Magazine Cover : January + February 2015

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  • OutFront
  • Green Fighting Machine

    Louisiana’s mean, green fighting machine

  • Rocky Mountain Highlights

    Has Colorado gone to pot?

  • Dated Rape

    Dated Rape

    Rape and red tape

  • Time's Up

    Time’s Up

    Unfriendly amendments

  • Don't Swab Me, Bro

    Don’t Swab Me, Bro

    DNA, PDQ

  • Foundering Fathers

    Foundering Fathers

    Step right up, step right up: See a one-ring circus’ disappearing act!

  • Avast, Ye Techies!

    Avast, Ye Techies!

    Lemony Snicket’s swashbuckling new novel

  • In the Name of the Father

    In the Name of the Father

    Drawing Yugoslavia

  • Bobs Rarely, Kills Often

    Bombs Rarely, Kills Often

    Maz Jobrani laughs off terrorists and typecasting.

  • Building a Better Man

    Building a Better Man

    Filmmaker Jennifer Newsom reexamines masculinity.

  • Download no Harm

    Download no Harm

    The quack on your phone

  • Diet Joke

    Diet Joke

    Will diet soda make you fat?


You might think the word “ganja” was coined by a Rastafarian, but 1 Prashanth Kamalakanthan learned the truth from his folks: It’s Sanskrit (“Rocky Mountain Highlights”).

Last year, Jordan Michael Smith reported on secret letters between President Warren Harding and his mistress; the subject of his story in this issue (“Dated Rape“) was photographed by 2 Leah Nash, a regular contributor to the New York Times.

While attending a men’s rights movement conference (“Mad Men”), 3 Mariah Blake was pressed into service as a proxy for all women.

Chris Mooney (“Are You Racist?“) writes about science for the Washington Post; Oliver Munday, who’s designed book jackets for authors ranging from Nabokov to Crichton, did both the illustration and this issue’s cover.

4 David Ferry reviewed 2,500 pages of court documents and scientific studies to investigate a mysterious disease killing California prisoners (“The Fever”); Mother Jones photo editor 5 Mark Murrmann took pictures of one of the prisons.

6 Tim Murphy hopped trains and broke trespassing laws in eight states with his profile subject (“The Amazing, Possibly True Adventures of Catman Keeley…“).

Dana Liebelson (“‘They Locked Me in That Little Room With Nothing'”) reports from Washington for the Huffington Post.

Prashanth Kamalakanthan Mariah Blake
Leah Nash
David Ferry Tim Murphy
Mark Murrmann