North Korea Praises “Wise Politician” Donald Trump

State media hopes American voters will reject “dull Hillary.”

Damir Sagolj/Reuters/ZUMA

Just days after President Barack Obama said international leaders were justly “rattled” by the unlikely rise of Donald Trump, state-run media from North Korea—one of the world’s most unpredictable dictatorships—has endorsed the presumptive GOP nominee.

In an editorial on Tuesday, the country’s state-run media outlet DPRK praised the presumptive Republican nominee as a “wise” and “far-sighted” politician who would work toward unification with South Korea.

“In my personal opinion, there are many positive aspects the Trump’s ‘inflammatory policies,'” Han Yong Mook, who according to the outlet is a Chinese North Korean academic, wrote. “Trump said he will not get involved in the war between the South and the North. Isn’t this fortunate from North Koreans’ perspective?”

The editorial also called on American voters to reject “dull” Hillary Clinton. The article criticized the likely Democratic nominee for pushing sanctions against North Korea in order to limit its nuclear capabilities, similar to the strategy adopted in Iran.

In previous remarks, Trump has proposed withdrawing American troops to abandon its stations in South Korea, and he has slammed the country for being a national security freeloader by not paying to protect itself and forcing the US to foot its national security bill. The real estate magnate has also suggested replacing troops with nuclear options—comments that alarmed both South Korea and neighboring Japan.

The plan, however, has apparently found support in North Korea.

“Yes, do it now,” Han wrote. “Who knew the slogan ‘Yankee Go Home’ would come true like this? The day when the ‘Yankee Go Home’ slogan becomes real would be the day of Korean Unification.”